How to shrink the size of VPC?

  How can I shrink the size of my virtual hard disk partitions?

  [Answer by SJ with some edits suggested in the forums by Pachelbel - thanks to you both]

  Thank myang offer this information.

  1. Backup any critical data in the guest OS.

  2. Download Eraser, ( and install it in the guest OS. Alternative disk 'zeroing' software can also be used.

  3. Defragment the guest OS hard drive.

  4. Run Eraser in the guest OS.

  5. Click Edit, then Preferences, then Erasing

  6. Select Unused Disk Space

  7. Select New

  8. Enter the description Blank

  9. Click Add

  10. Create a 3-byte pattern of zeros

  11. Click Save

  12. Select Blank under Unused disk space

  13. Click OK.

  14. Click File, then New Task

  15. Select Unused space on drive

  16. Select Local Hard Drives

  17. Click OK

  18. Select Task, then Run on the previously created task

  19. Wait for completion

  20. Close the report

  21. Exit Eraser and shutdown the guest PC.

  22. Use Virtual Disk Wizard on the Host PC to reclaim lost space. Click File, then Virtual Disk Wizard.

  23. Click Next to start the wizard.

  24. Select Examine or modify existing disk and click Next.

  25. Click Browse to locate the disk image, double-click the image file and click Next to continue.

  26. Select Compact the Disk image and click Next.

  27. Virtual PC allows the use of a secondary file to compact the disk. It's a good idea to have the image file be compacted to a new file and then verified to prevent data loss or corruption of the original image file. Select New File, browse or enter a new location, click Next to continue.

  28. Click Finish to start the process. When finished, click Close.